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Borlänge, Sveriges trevligaste stad

Living here

Borlänge is a small big city with proximity to work, leisure activities, beautiful nature and great shopping. There is no doubt that the conditions for a good work-life balance is present. We also hope that this is where you will find your dream home!

Proximity to preschool, the train station, grocery store, work, skiing, swimming, school, the restaurant and the gym

Visit & experience

In Borlänge you find plenty of hiking and skiing trails. The popular Romme Alpin downhill slopes attract more than a quarter million tourists every winter and Lake Runn is a paradise for both summer and winter activities. You will find a multitude of opportunities for living an active life whether it's at an elite level or for exercise. There is also a generous cultural life present, whether you are interested in music, art or theatre.

Regardless of the season Borlänge will offer spectacular contrasts. A vibrant cultural life and magnificent nature.

Business service

Our business department is the way in when you need contact with the municipality, advice or answers to your questions. We are available through both the establishment phase and future development phases and we strive for ease and swiftness for you and your company. With a new business strategy, we want to continue to provide good conditions for sustainable growth in our business community.