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Housing - Renting or buying a home

In Sweden rental contracts for apartments usually include the cost of heating and water in the price. All apartments have a stove, fridge and freezer already installed and access to a shared laundry room but it is good to know that apartments are unfurnished. If you want to rent an apartment we recommend that you register att Tunabyggen External link, opens in new window., the public housing company in Borlänge.

If you need help with registration, you are welcome to contact them by e-mail: or call: 0243–733 00.

There is a list of private rental companies here:

If you want to sublet from an individual who rents directly from the owner, you can find sublets, lodgings and houses and to rent on the digital marketplace Blocket External link, opens in new window.. You can also search for housing in Borlänge on Facebook: Lägenheter i Borlänge External link, opens in new window.. Remember to have written agreements and contracts for the sublease. 

If you want to purchase a house or apartment you have full ownership of it and its property. Find your home at Bostäder till salu - Borlänge kommun - Hemnet External link, opens in new window. and do not hesitate to contact the real estate agent if you have any questions.

Move your belongings

What you may or may not bring depends on if you enter Sweden from another EU country or from a country outside of the EU. Swedish Customs External link, opens in new window. is the agency responsible for monitoring goods coming into and out of Sweden.

If you want to bring animals with you to Sweden, there are certain rules that apply. The Swedish Board of Agriculture External link, opens in new window. has detailed information on the rules for importing pets.

If you are entering Sweden from a non-EU country, you need to report the vehicle to Swedish Customs upon entry.

Once a vehicle is in Sweden, among other things, you will need to get insurance, verify the origin of your vehicle, have your vehicle tested and get it registered. The Transport Agency website External link, opens in new window. has a step-by-step guide on the entire process.

Checklist for the ID card application

ID card application conditions | Skatteverket External link, opens in new window.

Work and work-permit

If you are an EU/EEA-citizen, you don’t need a work-permit to work in Sweden but in general, non-EU citizens must apply for a work permit. Read more about work-permit and how to apply/extend it at Working in Sweden - Swedish Migration Agency ( External link, opens in new window.

To help you look for work in Sweden, Arbetsförmedlingen, Swedish Public Services, has compiled practical information at: Do you want to work in Sweden External link, opens in new window. and you can look for a job at Job Portal External link, opens in new window..


Home to several international research environments, Dalarna University attracts students from the world over. Find out more about the university located in Falun and Borlänge at - Dalarna University External link, opens in new window. . There are plenty of courses and programmes!

Preschools and schools

Most preschools in Borlänge are run by the municipality and for these schools you apply for a place six months before your child needs a place and within four months, your child will be offered a placement. Preschools are for children with age 1-5 years. For more information about preschools, visit Förskola och pedagogisk omsorg - Borlänge.

Read more about elementary schools for children and young people in age 6-16 years at Grundskola - Borlänge. Are you interested in reading more about the upper level schools you can find more information here: Gymnasium - Borlänge.


If you are staying in Sweden for at least one year you can get a Swedish personal identity number External link, opens in new window.. This will give you healthcare at the same subsidised cost as Swedish residents.

Citizens of countries who aren’t eligible for a personal identity number will have to pay the full cost for all forms of healthcare. If this is you, you should consider arranging your own medical insurance.

Many companies provide life and accident insurance plans for international employees as part of the benefits package. Check that the cover is adequate for you and your family or if you should consider taking out a new plan through a Swedish insurance company.