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Information in other languages

Borlänge Municipality has gathered links to the latest updates and advices from the responsible authorities. Also, see information posters and videos in different languages.

Borlänge Municipality 

Borlängen kunnan suomenkielinen koronasivusto


Information and posters

Information and posters to print in other languages

Sida looga ilaaliyo naftaada iyo dadka kale faafitaanka fayraska Corona (Covid-19)


Swedish authorities - information in other languages

Publich Health Agency of Sweden 

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has a national responsibility for public health issues and works to ensure good public health. The Public Health Agency has gathered general advice on avoiding infection and questions and answers about covid-19. 

Information in other languages  - Public Health Agency of Sweden

Information to protect yourself and others from infection is to avoid close contact with people who are ill.

Krisinformation.se_Official information on the novel corona virus

The information published by has been confirmed by the responsible authority or actor (such as power network operators, traffic operators, or telecommunication operators) and is available on their web sites as well. does not publish information based on reports in the media or social publishes emergency alerts and news on the website 

Sida looga ilaaliyo naftaada iyo dadka kale faafitaanka fayraska Corona (Covid-19)

Kuinka suojata itseäsi ja muita koronaviruksen leviämiseltä (Covid-19)

Updated information in English and other languages can also be found at:


WHO website - World Health Organization

ECDC website - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


The Swedish national information telephone number is 113 13.

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