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Ornässtugan, Sweden's most famous timber building, is situated in Borlänge.

Information about the museum

The museum - opening hours
June 1 – August 31:

Monday closed.
Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday, holidays 12:00 – 16:00
Midsummer Eve closed

Tours every hour on the hour. English tour 1:30 pm.

September-May pre-booked tours only.

Tickets: adults 100:-, children (age 13-18) 30:-, school free.


The café - opening hours

The café is open the same time as the museum in the summer.

The café is also open between 11 am and 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays in January, February, March, May and September.



Tel; +46 0243 - 743 69, e-mail; , internet;


Beautifully positioned on lake Runn between Borlänge and Falun, Ornässtugan is still in its original location. The impressive building was built by a wealthy mine owner in the early 16th century. The lower section of the building served as storage and the upper as a guesthouse. The loft has many exciting traits of past folklore that you can still see today.

The most famous visitor at Ornässtugan was Gustav Eriksson Vasa who visited Ornässtugan in 1520. He was then on the run from Danish Union King Kristian II. The visit ended with Gustav fleeing through Ornässtugan’s outhouse with the help of Barbro Stigsdotter. Gustav wanted to start a rebellion with the help of Dalarna and the young Gustav's Dala adventure and the way he achieved the Swedish throne, are stories that have been told in Ornässtugan for 500 years - a tradition we are proud to manage and to further tell to today's visitors. The museum opened already in 1758 and is the second oldest museum in Sweden. 

The Service Building

In the architect-designed museum shop there is also a café with outdoor seating, with part of the patio under roof. All baked pastries are made in the café and there are also excellent choices for gluten, milk and egg intolerant people. Please notice that we need group bookings (15 or more) to the café at least 14 days in advance. The café is open during the summer season, the same times as the museum. During summer you can rent canoes and paddle around the beautiful lake. The café is also open in the winter season on Saturdays and Sundays in January, February and March,  when the beautiful natural ice around Ornässtugan attracts many skaters.

The Basement

The basement has two vaulted rooms with gravel flooring. The cellar is one of the oldest medieval vaults left in Dalarna and can be hired by private individuals. In the left-hand room there are tables and benches with seating for 18 adults. The right-hand vault is unfurnished and suitable for mingling, ceremonies and more. The rent is 500 kr for two hours. Contact the Ornässtugan Manager to book.


Ornässtugan is located on a peninsula in Ösjön. The area has large open lawn areas suitable for picnics and other activities. An avenue of beautiful 300 year old oaks leads the visitor from the parking lot to Ornässtugan. In addition, there are four lindens planted 400 years ago. Below the caretaker's dwelling there is a large boat pier where churchboats, steam boats and pleasure boats can anchor. During the winter, wide-range ice skating tracks are plowed on the ice around Ornässtugan.

Ornäs Birch

The first “Ornäs birch” was discovered in “little Ornäs” in 1767 by “Hans Gustaf Hiort,” later knighted to “Hiort“of Ornäs. He was also a descendant of Barbro Stigsdotter who helped Gustav Vasa. Pictures of the tree were cataloged by “Carl von Linné” and received the Latin name “Betula pendula Dalecarlica.”

Ornäs birch is a mutation and can only be propagated by grafting. The Ornäs birch is often used as a park tree, thanks to its special leaves and sterile traits. The Ornäs birch is appointed Sweden's national tree.


Ornässtugan is located between Borlänge and Falun.To get to Ornässtugan from Borlänge, take the E16 towards Falun and exit at Ornäs. Continue a bit parallel to the highway and then in to the village of Ornäs. After the railway crossing turn left and follow that road about 300 meters. After passing a brick building turn right. That road leads out to where Ornässtugan is located.   GPS-coordinates: N 60,5072 E 15,5529

Location of Ornässtugan

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